Finally the first bisque of 2009 is on the way. I made some progress last week, mugs, sake sets, chip & dips and platters. Studio has been very toasty hot, which was good thing as we had really frigid weather. We already have more snow than last year too.

Here is one of platter I finished today. 19.5 inch wide. This will be covered under the plastic for a week for the even drying.

I bought Digital TV converter box with the government coupon . As all TV stations switch to the digital signal, my TV needed the upgrade. It was easy to add the box. I gained 4 channels, and like two new additions, 24hr local weather and PBS Create. Picture is clear and no double-triple shadows. However, the locomotives in the yard seem interfere with the signal, and I need to reposition the antenna rather frequently. I have not had any problem with analog! I hope this goes away once it all switch to digital.

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