It was like a deer falling from the sky.  I was driving a kind of business road around noon, the deer landed on the front hood of the van, and moved toward the windshield and flew away.  I saw her flew about 50 feet through the rear view mirror.  I have a stiff neck right no, but think I am ok.  I was extremely lucky, but the poor deer was not.  If I was driving a bit faster, she probably went through the windshield and landed on me.  The person driving behind me told me that  I had no chance to avoid.  He was hoping the deer run faster than the car.  I have had a near miss several times in the past, and saw a deer hitting other cars before. I never thought to hit the deer middle of the day.  I am still shaky, have an image of her moving toward me.  It is not good feeling. The van is in the shop.  I know that the front hood is beyond repair and the bumper has a split.  I do not know the extent of the damage inside the hood yet.  Yea, this is my 50th birthday, I will never forget.

I hit a deer today.

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