We went Los Angels and San Francisco for the collage campus tours last week. Both cities were my memorable cities thirty years ago when I was the collage student. Went back there with family and even looking for the daughter’s collage . I never thought this is going to happen thirty years ago.


We heard about the bad traffic in Los Angles many times. Yes, there were many traffic jams, but we were able to pass through “through lane”. The way people drive was more mature, not changing lines very so minutes, so it was not bad. We might have more rough drivers here in Rochester, NY. We brought the GPS with us, which was a lifesaver. It took while to get the satellite reception, we heard that the near LAX airport was usually bad. Just needed was turn the GPS on and off several times.
I got lots of used Japanese books and snacks, and ate good Japanese food. I knew there was Little Tokyo, but I was surprised so many Japanese stores even outskirts of Los Angels.

We liked the Griffith Observatory very much. It has many exhibits, and was filmed in many movies such as the Charles Angle. We stayed until night, so we can see the stars with their huge telescopes, saw the actual Saturn’s ring first time as well as Orion’s cloud with four baby stars. The night cityscape of Los Angels was amazing as well.

Unfortunately we did not have time for pottery this time.

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