Last night, we had great turnout, and people enjoyed our building to offer. It was pleasant surprise to me. Last time I opened the studio, I, being in 4th floor, had 2 people while people downstairs got close to 50 people. This time, Crocus Clay Works organized the great event, and there were flow of people moving the floor to floor. Thank you very much for coming, and hope to hold the same event in the future.

Today, I waxed the bottom of pottery for glazing. If you do not wax or wipe off the glaze from the bottom of the pottery, it will melt and stuck to the kiln shelf during the firing. I use the sponge brush for this. I buy a large volume when they come on the sale, like 10 cents each. With this, my hand is pretty much wax free during the process. Wax, of course, repels the glaze on the area covered with, unwanted glaze is easily wiped off with wet sponge.


I am experimenting a silicon carbide in this kiln. I have one area of kiln got oxidation. I read somewhere that the silicon carbide is the reduction agent, and helps the reduction. I mixed the silicon carbide with slip of clay, and

brushed on the side and interior of the bowl. I will glaze this bowl normally, and place it the area of oxidation.


I will glaze next two days.


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