We went the east coast campus tour last week. Architectures of these universities are, like walking into the medieval.  Surrounded by the well maintained gardens. I never thought about it before, but they are great placed to visit to just walk around. Each school has its history going back to the civil war, and that these history itself became the foundation, philosophy of each universities today.


I went the university in Japan, where you have to declare the major before the entrance exam, and seldom change the major thereafter. I had no idea of the difference in law, economics, etc as the major. Turned out the my major, economics, Markism was taught rather than the micro and macro economics. I finished all credits required to graduate in three years, and stayed home studying these economics at home at night while spending majority of time with the pottery club. Yes, that where I was addicted to the clay. Looking back, and experiencing the campus tour process, it makes more scene togo the campus tour. I am not sure it is still true, but we used to talk about that Japaneses collage system is very hard to get in, but easy to graduate. It is rather a place to enjoy and play rather than study before entering the Japanese company (Kaisha) system, and the Japanese company did not value what we learned at the collage, because of the same reason. On the other hand, US system was considered easy to get in, but harder to graduate.

Back to clay this week.

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