I went the dentist for a pea-side blister on the gum next the molar, and he extracted the molar being infected a week ago.  I was just shocked he said to extract it since I did not have any discomfort or bad taste in the mouse.  It was  like the moive, Marathon Man  for the procedure to extract despite several novacaine shots.  Just pure torture. After coming home, I had fever for two days.   I should insist to wait for a week.


Finally loaded the kiln.  I need to wait until Friday due to forecast of the possible wind.  Well,  there are many orders in this kiln, so better be patient.  The storm system will not be as bad as the first forecasted for tomorrow.  We missed two big storms,  NYC is expecting 14″.  Less shoving is always good news.

kiln load hodakapottery

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