We took the public transportation in San Francisco, BART, cable car, Cal train, buses, street car and cab. Public transportation was very established, and waiting is within 10 minutes.

We found the all you can eat shabu-shabu restaurant, Zabu Zabu,
in Berkley. Service was good as well as the quality of meet. I once consider opening the Shubu-shabu restaurant, and decided against the idea because of fear for the liabilities. Restaurant was full, everyone seems no problem handling the boiling pot. The boiling pot was placed in a tabs placed middle of the table, so it will catch any spilling. We ate until really got full.


Downtown San Francisco has so many stores, which I do not recall thirty years ago. But, that was the first place I landed in US, and was just worried about everything around me, including everyone speaking English. So my memory was not clear.

Oh, about the collage tours.  Lots, lots of walking. Very informative. Compared to Japanese collage, some are very similar, some are so much different.  Each collage has its unique character of the students and the environment. I can see the very rich learning environment.

I was surprised so many flight was oversold, and asking for volunteers. I guess their computer system does not know how to count or something.  I had a chance to get at least three free transferable round trip tickets. We over-heard flight attendant complaining the heavy load of carry-on baggages. Of course, they charge $15 for first 50LB and $50 for over 50LB, everyone carrying heavy items with them, and ask the flight attendance to help.  Boarding takes more time as well….

San Francisco
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