Last Thursday, our daughter went the spinal fusion operation to correct her scoliosis. We have been dealing with the scoliosis since she was 10, and visited the doctor to check her curvature every 4 months to 6 months ever since. It started out a very small curve, went through the painful three years of her wearing the brace 24/7 when it progressed to 30 degrees. It had been stable for last three years around 50 degrees. It was supposed to be the last visit to the doctor in July, it progressed to 59 degrees. We were very surprised and felt sick to the stomach. It was considered that once the body became mature and the curvature will stay the same except the small percent of people. This new progress was the indication of the future progress. She said why I wore the brace if…

The operation took 7.5 hours, and installed two stainless steel rods with more than dozen screws to the spine, and attached the bone graft to fuse it. She came out the operation very well (she can move all arms and legs, and can see), and gained a couple inches in height, and her back was very flat. She was able to stand up and sit on the chair next day and walk the following day, and discharged on Tuesday. The car ride home was very horrifying experience as she got so much pain with the movement of the car.

She still has lots of pains, mostly in neck and shoulder; imagine how much of the body is shifted physically by the operation. We see the activity level increase every day, and think the time will heal her well, and she can attend the first day of her senior year. It has been very painful to see her suffer with lots of pains, but she has been very patient and has great will to get better.

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