Fired the kiln on Wednesday. It was near record heat of 89°F. The temperature at further from the kiln in the studio was as high as 104°F. I really did not want to know the temperature near the kiln. The sweat just kept coming standing next to it. It was getting toasty after 6PM, and continued to the end of the firing at 10:30pm. So,my plan of firing later backfired. I wish I have a separate kiln room. My daughter will start her collage at the NYU Abu Dhabi in UAE in September. Tomorrow’s forecast for Abu Dhabi is 107°F. I should not be complaining… How does she manage that? That would be very interesting.

I opened the kiln today. The kiln has still retained its heat this moring, and the studio was over 94°F while outside was upper seventies. The kiln god difinately smiles at me on this firing. There are no oxidation or crawling except one piece. This is the best firing-ever at this studio!


I will be exhibiting the following shows in June, the Three Rivers Arts Festival on June 4 to 6, and the Allentown Art Festival on June 12-13. I am not exhibiting the 100 American Craftsmen this year due to the schedule conflict.

Joye Schwartz of Joyefulart wrote my pottery on her blog today, http://joyefulartblog.com/painting/one-of-a-kind-friday-pottery. Thank you , Joye.

Two days later, still hot

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