I casted my vote for Japanese upper house election last week. I believe this was my first voting experience at age 49. A couple years ago, I registered to the overseas voter registration list as suggested by the Japanese consulate. I didn’t know that opportunity until then. I prefer to nationalize in order to vote here, but my parents would love to hear that. I am considering, though.

The other day, the mailman delivered the express mail from Japan. We thought it was from my parents. There were over $100 worth of stamps on it. Then, I realized it is from Minato-ku, Secretariat of the Election. Hundred dollars to cast a ballot. My vote sounded very heavy. (If I live in big city where Japanese consulate locates, I can vote there.) I read the Japanese newspaper on the net everyday, but have no idea even who are candidates and what their stances. I spent good hours in front of the computer reading about the candidates. There were much of information available last week, but I needed too mail it to be delivered by July 11. Election was announced on June 24 as the voting date on July 11, a window of 18 days.

I fired on Saturday. It was very hot. We are in middle of the heat wave, setting 94F degrees everyday. The kiln looked very good. I am ready for the Corn Hill Art Festival this weekend.



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  • July 21, 2010 at 5:33 am

    I always vote when I get the chance to, I voted in the last UK election but the person I voted for didn’t get in. Oh well.

    Your piece looks beautiful fantastic colours!

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