Building’s radiator was on yesterday, so I left it on overnight to dry greenwares quickly. Studio was 90°F this morning. My neck stiffened quickly while trimming pottery in the heat.  I opened the windows, but stayed 80’s.  The greenwares were ready for the bisque, so I turned the bisque on.

So, I pick up another McDonald’s ice tea for my neck-ache.  I noticed a small sticker.  Yes, the Monopoly.


This brings back to the memory.  When Kodak Japan was sent me to the Rochester for 9 months assignment, I had no idea of the life in the US.  Within a month, I got a parking ticket for $150, for parking on the handicap.  I did not know the handicap sign even existed. I do not think there is a handicap parking ticket in Japan now.  I was amazed leaving (parking) car in the middle of the intersection was cheaper…  Anyway, the Monopoly game.  I was eating the launch at the McDonald’s and saw the guy next me got the park place, while I had the board walk. You know, 1 million.  I talked about it to the friend (my wife now) later, and she told me why didn’t you talked with the guy, that did not occurred me, and thought illegal. Missed oppotunity…..

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