My sister set up the computer for my parents in Tokyo, and started using the Skype since January. We managed to teach her to use the Skype, but that all, and since my sister has gone home.

I was amazed how technology has progressed. I tried the video conference with them 10-15 years ago, when Apple clone was in the market. It worked, but really the video was  like thumbnail pictures with underwater sounds.  So, we gave up the idea.  Now it is actually the color  video both ways. Amazing. I have not seen my mother close to five years.

Now, we are pleased with the Skype, but my parents do not understand the computer at all.  Message from the google desktop just freaks her up and makes her think it’s broken.  I googled “remote access”, and found software called “Teamviewer“.  It is free for personal use. It took us 2 hours to install the program over the Skype.  It was very difficult to explain where to scroll, and which to click…..  Good thing is we managed to install the Teamviewer and I can maintain her computer in Tokyo from NY.  I can see her computer screen on my monitor, and actually control hers like my computer.  I reinstalled the Google Desktop, and made some changes.

Skype and..

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